Sunday, January 31, 2010

No.7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour

I got a No.7 voucher the other day so I thought I would have a look at the nail polishes. I usually just buy clear polishes. Put this colour caught my eye. usual price €9 but was only €1.50 with voucher.

I just checked the boots website and it says its suppose to last up to 5 days.

Good points

  • It only needed too coats and I didn't have to put a pink base underneath. I used Revlon's Nail care base coat (clear)

  • There was no need for a top coat. It has a sheen effect so I didn't think it was need.

  • I kept a eye of the when it started to chip. Day 1 was fine no chips, Day 2 was good to, Day 3 was when I started to notice the edges where it was wearing off and day 4 was when it really started to chip.

  • It didn't smudge at all

Bad points

  • It didn't last up to 5 days like it says

  • Only 10ml bottle. The Revlon polishes are 14.7 ml and both are similar prices

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