Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The newest thing to hit Irish Charts- The Rubberbandits - Horse Outside

I think only in Ireland would this song become so popular. The Rubberbandits are regulars on Republic of telly. They are a hip-hop dup from Limerick. They conceal their identity by covering their faces in masks made from plastic shopping bags. I think its the accent and the plastic bags that made me laugh. There was a picture of them in the newspapers unmasked. I just thought it was funny for the newspaper to be reporting on them just to reveal their identity!! Comedian Tommy Tiernan has even being talking about them on his facebook age. They have over 4 million hits on there You tube page and they just lost out to Matt Cardle for number one and that had to be good because the English X Factor is huge over here. Like people stop goin out on a Saturday night and that's all people talk about for months. Just thought it would be funny to share with you :-) enjoy

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Please snow go away

It feels like forever since I haven't seen snow. Well its only being just over a week. I just cant walk on it. I have being outside my house twice. Once to go to town with the help of holding on to my mammy arm and the second time for my xmas party last night holding on to anything cars, houses, windows, door handles. I was pretending to be Tom Cruise doing Mission Impossible!!

Here is my back garden. This was taken a few days ago but it hasnt really changed

Friday, December 3, 2010

What I'm really looking forward to: Kings of Leon Concert

I am going to see Kings of Leon in Slane (Meath,Ireland) on the 28th of May Next year. I think this is one of the concerts that I am really really looking forward to. I did see them at Oxegen (2009) but I was really sick (not drunk) and I had to leave and go home. Long story I ended up in hospital tent at 7.30am because my friend thought I might have Swine flu. I didn't but it wasn't fun for the two of us in a pop up tent in lashing rain!

I have a couple of their albums and they are really great. I love their new album. If your interested in checking it out before you buy you can listen to it here (not sure if it works outside of Ireland though)

I went to see a tribute band called Knights of Leon in the Academy they were really good.

Did anyone see KOL Excess all areas with Dave Berry???