Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Eye Lashes on Sale in River Island

I went into River Island today and spotted some eye lashes on sale.They were only €2 I got them for my sister for when she is doing her dance competitions reduced from €9/€9.50. Two of them are from the Bollywood Collection and the plain black are called Black Widow. They have Black lacy over the eye lashes I seen similar ones in the Make-up store. A great bargain. I got mine in RI in Henry Street, Dublin!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Beyonce Concert in the 02 Dublin

I went to see Beyonce in the new O2 in Dublin the other night.

Good points:
  • Beyonce was brilliant. She really puts on a show from her songs to her outfits to her band and dancers. It seems that everyone is brought into the show.

  • I cant remember how many outfit changes but there was a good few and while she was off changing. It wasn't just music playing while we waited for her to come back her band done there own little solos and so did her dancers.

  • Song choices went from her new stuff to older albums to duets to a remix of Destiny Child songs. I wouldn't be that up on her newer stuff so I really enjoyed the mixture.

  • She talked to the crowd and moved around the stage to another smaller stage and even came down and walked past the crowd.

  • We were able to understand her talking compared to Lily Allen all we could understand from her was Dublinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  • She even sang Happy Birthday to people in the audience

Bad Points

  • I would have to say that I wasn't very impressed by the venue. There is no wow factor. It was my first time and when I walked in I was like is this it.

  • Ticket prices was a bit expense at €70

  • Merchandise- her T-shirts in the O2 was €30, Outside they were €20/25 and on my way home they were €5 so my advice would be wait till after the concert

  • I don't think there was any bad points on Beyonce's performance

I would go to see her again if I had the money to spare.

Some pics from the concert

Friday, December 4, 2009

Makeup Haul-What I bought in Belfast!

Sorry for long post it’s a little recommendation as well :-)

Ruby & Millie Compact Base in Shade 1. It is the lightest shade. I love the packaging its so slim and it comes with a small sponge and a Base bag! The foundation is so creamy when you first open it but when I put it on my skin it made my skin so dry and flaky I had to take my make up off and put a moisturiser under neat it. The amount of product is also very little 6g compared to my other foundations that is 4 times that amount and they are cheaper. Now for the price its not cheap I paid 16 pounds which is around 18 euros for a drug store brand. I wouldn’t recommend this product and wouldn’t buy it again.

Ruby & Millie Loose Power No. 1. I had already a loose power for Ruby & Millie, my cousin gave it to me in No. 2 and it was so pale. So buy mistake I picked up No.1. It would really have to be only used in the Winter when my skin is so light. It is a good power if you cant find a light enough shade. Which I cant and you wouldn’t use a lot of the product either. I would buy it again.

My first time using or buying N.Y.C products I was just having a look in Semichem not sure what for now! And I picked up a few N.Y.C things:
The Lippin Large Lip Plumper
Color Wheel Mosaic Face power In 723A Pink Cheek Glow
Lipstick no. 412B Mauve Gold
And Long-wearing Nail enamel in 115A Skin Tight Denim Creme

The Lippin Large Lip Plumper ( its called Strawberry scouffle)£3.49 and I love it. I do feel the tickle when I put it on and my lips do feel a little plumper and I love the smell its smells like a stick of rock you get on holidays. I would recommend this and would definitely buy another one. I wasn’t really impressed with the colours available.

Color Wheel Mosaic Face power In 723A Pink Cheek Glow £3.99
I love how it looks in the box put not really sure if its my colour. I’m a little scared of pink cheeks! I think I will give it to my sister. I think I would pick up the Brown option next time.

Lipstick no. 412B Mauve Gold £1.99
I haven’t really had much of a chance of using this. I think its more of a night out lipstick it has little specs of glitter so will try it out the next time I’m heading out.

Long-wearing Nail enamel in 115A Skin Tight Denim Crème £2.49
I think the nails are a little bit on the long side! I have used this twice. The 1st time painted my names on the way home on the train. You would need around 2/3 coats but here comes the warning when I took it off the next day it made my nails and fingers Blue. You would need a lot of nail polish remover if you don’t use a base underneath. On my 2nd time I did and it was a lot easier to come off. It didn’t chip very easy and you could get a week or 2 if you looked after your nails. Make sure to put a top coat on as well. I would recommend they and I would go for other colours. There was a lovely green. Will pick it up the next time J

I also picked up some Natural Collection products from Boots they were any 3 products for £5! I picked up 3 lip products,:

Lip gloss in Vanilla. Just a clear lipgloss. I like the smell but that’s about it. Its not sticky and there is no or little shine from it either. I wouldn’t buy again.
Lip balm in Caribbean Crush. Nothing amazing. I would rather have my lip balms from the Body Shop or just use Vaseline. I wouldn’t buy again.
Moisture Shine Lipstick in Apple Blossom. I have had hear some good reviews on this product. I like that’s its just a nude colour. Drawback for me was that the 1st time I used it broke off. I would buy again thought!

URBAN DECAY Deluxe Eye shadow in Underground £13.00
My new eye shadow love. I had seen a similar colour on You tube and when I checked I was informed it was discontinued so I got the nearest colour to it. It so easy to put on you could use it with out a brush. It like velvet. I would definitely buy it again and would look into buying other colours. I have being hinting to my sister for my xmas!

Hope you enjoyed and Have you got any recommendations?