Friday, December 4, 2009

Makeup Haul-What I bought in Belfast!

Sorry for long post it’s a little recommendation as well :-)

Ruby & Millie Compact Base in Shade 1. It is the lightest shade. I love the packaging its so slim and it comes with a small sponge and a Base bag! The foundation is so creamy when you first open it but when I put it on my skin it made my skin so dry and flaky I had to take my make up off and put a moisturiser under neat it. The amount of product is also very little 6g compared to my other foundations that is 4 times that amount and they are cheaper. Now for the price its not cheap I paid 16 pounds which is around 18 euros for a drug store brand. I wouldn’t recommend this product and wouldn’t buy it again.

Ruby & Millie Loose Power No. 1. I had already a loose power for Ruby & Millie, my cousin gave it to me in No. 2 and it was so pale. So buy mistake I picked up No.1. It would really have to be only used in the Winter when my skin is so light. It is a good power if you cant find a light enough shade. Which I cant and you wouldn’t use a lot of the product either. I would buy it again.

My first time using or buying N.Y.C products I was just having a look in Semichem not sure what for now! And I picked up a few N.Y.C things:
The Lippin Large Lip Plumper
Color Wheel Mosaic Face power In 723A Pink Cheek Glow
Lipstick no. 412B Mauve Gold
And Long-wearing Nail enamel in 115A Skin Tight Denim Creme

The Lippin Large Lip Plumper ( its called Strawberry scouffle)£3.49 and I love it. I do feel the tickle when I put it on and my lips do feel a little plumper and I love the smell its smells like a stick of rock you get on holidays. I would recommend this and would definitely buy another one. I wasn’t really impressed with the colours available.

Color Wheel Mosaic Face power In 723A Pink Cheek Glow £3.99
I love how it looks in the box put not really sure if its my colour. I’m a little scared of pink cheeks! I think I will give it to my sister. I think I would pick up the Brown option next time.

Lipstick no. 412B Mauve Gold £1.99
I haven’t really had much of a chance of using this. I think its more of a night out lipstick it has little specs of glitter so will try it out the next time I’m heading out.

Long-wearing Nail enamel in 115A Skin Tight Denim Crème £2.49
I think the nails are a little bit on the long side! I have used this twice. The 1st time painted my names on the way home on the train. You would need around 2/3 coats but here comes the warning when I took it off the next day it made my nails and fingers Blue. You would need a lot of nail polish remover if you don’t use a base underneath. On my 2nd time I did and it was a lot easier to come off. It didn’t chip very easy and you could get a week or 2 if you looked after your nails. Make sure to put a top coat on as well. I would recommend they and I would go for other colours. There was a lovely green. Will pick it up the next time J

I also picked up some Natural Collection products from Boots they were any 3 products for £5! I picked up 3 lip products,:

Lip gloss in Vanilla. Just a clear lipgloss. I like the smell but that’s about it. Its not sticky and there is no or little shine from it either. I wouldn’t buy again.
Lip balm in Caribbean Crush. Nothing amazing. I would rather have my lip balms from the Body Shop or just use Vaseline. I wouldn’t buy again.
Moisture Shine Lipstick in Apple Blossom. I have had hear some good reviews on this product. I like that’s its just a nude colour. Drawback for me was that the 1st time I used it broke off. I would buy again thought!

URBAN DECAY Deluxe Eye shadow in Underground £13.00
My new eye shadow love. I had seen a similar colour on You tube and when I checked I was informed it was discontinued so I got the nearest colour to it. It so easy to put on you could use it with out a brush. It like velvet. I would definitely buy it again and would look into buying other colours. I have being hinting to my sister for my xmas!

Hope you enjoyed and Have you got any recommendations?

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