Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I went to see Obama!! The Obama from Moneygall ;-)

well I hadn't planned on it. I had gone furniture shopping that morning and just decided to hop on a bus into town to get my nose full. Over 3 hours later I'm in a crowd of thousands. Here is some pics. I didn't get any where near where he was speaking but it was good fun to be there. 

The crowd's 

Getting scanned and searched by Secret service . It was very exciting. I was afraid to take a picture of them. I had the guards starring at me taken this!!

This is what every single person at to go through...


Shane from Westlife

Enda Kenny... come on Enda wrap it up!!

Obama in case u didn't know

Shopping Haul- Terry Sales,Penny's (Primark), Dunne's, Boots and HMV

I have picked up a couple of things over the past couple of weeks or so. I went to Terry sales ( a beauty Supply) because I seen Joanne over at The make up fairy got a huge botlte of nail polish remover and i had to try it. It would be rude not to ;-) . It cost €4.50 for 495ML. so while I was there I have to try out some new stuff. I have being wanting to try a new wax. I wax my own eyebrows and I like to try new waxes.  I cant seem to find the one I usually use. This is from Smooth Appeal and was €4.50. Cheaper than in boots as well. I have used this a couple of times and found it much better than what I have used in the past. I also did my Mam's and even my Dad's eyebrows!!! (just a tidy up) I didn't go mad. He would have killed me. I would definitely by this again. 

I have heard of Witch hazel before and its always in products to clear up spots so they had a big bottle so I picked up one of those as well. It is priced is €6.85 for a 495ml. I have being using this as well. I don't know if I have seen a huge difference I have still being getting spots but think that is down to hormones. I have seen this back comb on a couple of  you tube videos. I don't back comb a lot with a normal tail comb because it wrecks my hair. Since I got this I have being using this a good bit especially on the second day for a bit of lift at the roots. It was €3.15. The pink clips were on sale for €2.35. I got these for when I change my bed!! I use them to hold the duvet and the cover together.!!!

I popped into Penny's (Primark) and picked up these flip flops 2 for €2. My sister had her friends hat on  the other day and I was like I need one of them. This was €5. This will defo be coming out with me for Oxegen and probably Sea Sessions!!!

On to Dunne's stores. I picked up this teddy and its so girly and summery so I went in and picked up another one. They were on sale for €5 reduced from €15. They are from eh the Savida nightwear collection and I picked up these long bottoms there wasn't a top to match but they are so soft and I love the design on them. they were €5 not sure of original price. 

Some things from Boots. I got these when the 3 for 2 offer was on. The foundation was 10.59,  the concealer was €6.39 seen this on Tanya Blurr (pixi2woo) you tube videos . you have to check out her videos. I got it in shade No.1 and it seems really light but think I will have to wait for a couple of months before I could wear this. The powder was €5.95 but since it was on 3 for 2 I got  free. I use this every day and I have hit pan on the one I have being using. 

The last thing I got was the SATC 2 DVD. I have being dying to watch this again. I went to see it before wit the girls and the story is ok but I look the location and the clothes. It was on sale for €6.99