Sunday, January 2, 2011

Loving things Jersey style

For the past couple of weeks I have being watching The real housewives of New Jersey. My other favourite Jersey show is Jersey shore. I watched a couple of episodes of season one of the housewives but have really got into season 2. I have being a fan of Jersey shore since the beginning. It filled the hole when The hills finished. I think the reason why I love it is because it is nothing like my life. Everything is so over the top on the housewives and I love that's its always sunny on the shore and it doesn't hurt that the people are mental!!

Check out season 2 of The real housewives of New Jersey

Here is the promo for season 3 of New Jersey. I think it might have already started in the US but I cant wait for it to be shown here!

sorry blogger wouldn't let me upload another video.

Hope your having a nice relaxing New years Day.

Jen X

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