Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So guess who I didn't see!!

So off I went to town on Sunday thinking I was gonna see Jason Byrne. I had gone out before with my friend's and my sister for food a couple of doors away from the theatre where it was on. When we walked outside there was a queue of about 70 people outside. At first we all assumed we would get in after standing there for about a half hour or more one of the reps from Applause store comes up to tell us that its full that there might be some standby tickets.

So another few minutes we are told that there is no tickets at all. Now I don't think I'm on my own to think that this was terrible. The whole point was that if you get in contact with them and they sent you a e- ticket that was your ticket to the show. Only after about a hour or more did we learn that it was first come first served. They give out too many tickets in the first place so they knew already that not everyone was gonna get in. There was 2 woman that had paid for babysitters and everything. I think it was very badly organised. I spoke to one of the reps that night and he told me to contact the office and I have and got no response!!

I wouldn't recommended anyone giving up there time on the off chance that you get in!!

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