Saturday, February 26, 2011

Maroon 5 Concert

So I was at Maroon 5 gig last night. It was brilliant. One of my favourite's bands and I have being dying to see them. I have loved Maroon 5 for years and I didn't know anyone who liked them till I was at one of the girls 21st years ago and I learned she liked them as well.So from then on I was like OK we can be friends, Common ground and all!!

I was in Row Y. But I didn't care I could see everything. Usually I'm standing and I see nothing (I'm 5"2). It was a great mixture of their albums. My friend that came with me was like I only know 3 songs and she knew loads!!

Here is a couple of the pics from last night and the video is them singing This love. Realised I didn't take any of myself a lot of Adam..... O he is gorgeous.  If only he would go on Take me out I would be there like a shot :-)

I couldn't understand his accent all I got was a couple of words but who cares!! Think its time to change my wallpaper!

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