Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some things I got in the shops today!

So most Sunday's I meet up with my friends but since they were nursing a hangover I decided to pop over to Grafton street. I had read that Tk Maxx was selling Urban Decay and The balm cosmetics. I had my eye on Hot Mama and Bahama mama when I seen them in Awear the other day but couldn't really afford both. So over I hope to TK Maxx and headed for the beauty!

They were on the top shelve I'm small (5'2) and I found the outer cover of Hot mama and I couldn't see the inside :-( so went off to the other end of the shop and decided to go back again just to make sure. I found this gorgeous red-pink eye shadow from Urban Decay. I was like that could work as a blusher. So still hadn't given up on my tippy toes  wrecking the shelve I found Hot Mama! They both had being tested but sure that wasn't gonna put me off and here they are!! Hot Mama is suppose to be similar to Benefits Coralista. They were both €8.99

Urban Decays Heat is on the left and Hot Mama is on the right

I picked these up in penny's (Primark)
2 White baskets €2.00 ( I think I'm going to pull a Vinny from Jersey Shore with his little bath Caddy)
St Moriz Tanning Mousse €4.00 (love this fake tan and so cheap)
Hair Wrap €1.50 (looking forward to using this my other one is full of red hair dye)
Kabuki Brush €2.00 (love the colour of this)
Sunglasses €1.50 ( I don't need sunglasses its being lashing on and off for the last couple of days but I just got excited trying them on. made me think Summer is coming :-)

I had a pic of me wearing the Sunglasses but I wont scare you!!


  1. I need to get myself to TK Max asap! I saw Urban Decay lippies in the one in Swords last week but they were wonkedy colours and I couldn't get the lids off them hehe Didn't know the had The Balm stuff, so thanks!

  2. There wasn't much when I got there. There was one Urban Decay carbon and one Heat eye shadow. that had being well tested! the lipstick weren't the best. full of glitter and one lipgloss. I seen it on one of the English girls blogs so I was over like a shot!! LOL. They had a good few Calvin Klein make up sets but couldn' test anything out!!

  3. I am your newest follower..check me out

    How does the self tanner work??? I am looking for a good obe

  4. Hi Andrea, I added you too :-) Its suppose to be like the ST. Topez Mousse. I haven't used the mousse myself but I think it is the best tan I have used. I used to use the St Topez lotion and I kept getting Streaky!! Not a good look. The bottle says for best results apply in the morning and allow at least 4-6 hours for the tan to develop before showering. I usually put it on the night before I go out and shower it off the next day. The mousse is brown so U could wear it out but I probably wouldnt. It can look a bit messy. I usually but 2 layers on for a night out. But just for a bit of colour I used one layer and it seems to be wearing off well. I hope this helps :-)