Monday, August 8, 2011

Garnier ultra lift challenge

I had sent away for the Garnier ultra lift challenge a couple of weeks ago and completely forgot about it. It arrived in the post yesterday. Included in the little pack is 14 sachets of the Ultra lift Anti-wrinkle firming cream for Day, a wrinkle reader and a £1/€1 off Coupon off any Ultra lift products .

I have to say at the age of 27 I'm not very wrinkly only when I smile I get some lines under my eye's. I decided that I would try it at night instead of day because I use sun cream and foundation on my face every day and I would feel like I have too much on. The wrinkle reader doesn't really work for me so thought I would show you my eye Day 1.

I use the cream last night and it was nice. I did feel like it gave my face a warm feeling at first but that didn't last long. It didn't make my face shiny either so that was good.

I will let you know when I'm finished. Has anyone else tried it.

p.s please excuse the terrible looking eyes brows I'm waiting to wax them.

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