Sunday, August 21, 2011

Softsole Foot Peel

I am currently trying out the Softisole Foot Peel. Well not technically trying. I started the process last night! I did the patch test 48 hrs before. If you haven't heard about it. Its a foot peel to remove dry cracked skin and soften calluses. I don't have bad feet but I was dying to try it out since my feet hadn't being the best since wearing wellie's during the summer. I thought I would give them a treat!!

1st step is wash feet and take off nail polish
2nd step apply Softsole foot wraps (its like a foot shaped plastic bag) and there is socks to use to keep the wraps on and that if you need to walk.
3rd step wait 120 Mins (stick on a good film because it can get boring)
4th step wash feet and in 3-7 days peeling will start to happen, It says that it take around 2 weeks for the peeling to completely stop. After that time they included a After peel Moisturiser.

I can't wait to see the results. But hate hate flaky skin. Will report back with my results.
Price wise its not too cheap €19.99 and I got mine in Hickeys Pharmacy in Henry street. I haven't seen it in any other pharmacies or even boots.

Hope ya have a great night

Jen X

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