Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Final Destination (4th Movie)

So went to see The Final destination in 3D over the weekend with my friends. For anyone who hasn't heard of the Final destination movies where have you being!!

The basis concept is that Death has a design and there isn't a way too beat it but they will have a good time trying. So it starts with the main character Nick played by Bobby Campo getting a premonition of what death has in store for everyone. Then for the rest of the movie he tries to save the people that death didn't catch the first time round! See I didn't give much away.

Best things about this movie: That it was in 3D. I did hide behind my jumper and scream out aswell.

Worst things about this movie: It wasn't as good as the other 3 movies and that myself and i thought the plot didn't really feel like it was going in the correct order. In the other movies the was a certain order aka Death's Design but this movie left me going oh what your man, how come they didn't die! Not good.

Marks out of 10: 6.5

Would I go to see it again or buy it on DVD: No thanks for both

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