Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm feeling so sad...

This hasn't being a good week for me and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. I had big plans with my dad to go shopping in Belfast on Friday and at the start of the week he came down with man-flu so that wasn't looking too good for my shopping trip and then looked on the net and its a extra 45 Min's and a extra bus to get to Belfast so we decided we will wait for another while to go.

Then I was suppose to be going out on Thursday with some old work people and that fell through. I was talking to one of the girls and asking had she any plans for Friday and herself and one of my other friends got invited to a wedding. So that was them out of action. So my sister and I had plans to go shopping on Friday, She started a new job and was planning a big shopping spree which ended with her moaning about her feet being sore over her new wellies. I told her not to wear them did she listen NO! Then we had a fight and ended up walking home not talking to one another. The only stuff I got the whole day was some black and dark silver chains, bangles, earring and another Glo Baby Glo in Pinky n Flirty. I have it on my nails and I put it on my mam's as well. o and a grapefruit lip balm that I love and but it on every few minutes

So I decided with the winter coming in that I would get my Ugg's out of there box and wear them tomorrow with this new dress I brought but haven't wore yet and I just noticed that they are falling apart..I'm really sad now. I will have to start saving to get some new ones... I'm getting sadder now. I have to stop now.

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