Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mid week ramble!!

So I have being very good and not spending. The reason for this is there is the wedding i'm going too, a couple of concerts before xmas and Christmas its self and some of the girlie's is looking to do a weekend away in the next couple of weeks and I want to get a new pair of uggs and I'm thinking of getting my teeth whitened. But I know I cant do them all so I'm trying to stay away from city centre.Its not easy when I don't live very far from city centre.

I needed to get my eyebrows shaped. I used to go to the salon every couple of weeks but it just got to expense and I couldnt really find anyone that I trusted to do them. I am very nervous with people touching near my eyes and I have had a bad experience in the past with having no eyebrows left and having to wait for months to finally get a eye brow to grow back. So my mam suggested a place yesterday and I was little 'o I dont know' so she was like come on my treat so she booked a early appointment for us both. We had a appointment for 11 o clock and by 2 minutes past we were both finished. They are skinner that what I would usually do my self so I'm still undecided!

So in the last month or so I have got into watching videos on YouTube and I love finding someone new. Just by chance I came across this lad swoozie06 the other night. He has the most random of stories. I would definitely recommend him out and check him on you tube.

Do you know any other good you tubers or blogs?

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