Friday, September 4, 2009

I went shopping!!!!!!!!!!!

So I went shopping in the last couple of days and I have too say I'm loving the recession for the bargains!!

So I bought a couple of things.......

Nail Polish
I have being very good and decided to let my nails grow and give myself a French Manicure. I decided that I would go for a new White tip and a clear gloss nail varnish instead of buying the Elegantouch French Manicure Rapid Dry Formula in Natural Pink and I'm always let with the pink base!! So into Boots I went and Its so hard to choose. So seen that Revlon was having a offer on there nail polishes 6 euro instead of 9 euro. I love a bargain. So picked up a white and a clear. Well what I thought was a clear which turned out to be a clear base coat and ruined my manicure so wasn't happy at all so I had a gotten a voucher for No7 and I usually don't bother with them so popped in to Boots again and picked up the Stay Perfect Nail Colour for €1.50 a bargain I have to say.

Cleaning Make up
So I came across this video on YouTube Disinfecting Your Makeup - Including Eye shadows from gossmakeup artist and I thought it was brilliant. I am a bit of a germ freak any way and I wanted to clean my make up. So his tip was to get Surgical spirits, put some in a spray bottle and spray your makeup. So that's what I did I put everything I own on paper towels in the bathroom and sprayed away. I picked up a 500ml bottle for around 4 euros in Boots.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical So I am late on the band wagon for dry shampoo the reason for this I just didn't think it would work for my hair. I would have oily roots so never bothered. So I went to oxygen and thought I would be fine with mouse and hats put I was a fool I felt dirty so my friend gave me a couple of sprays and it worked. So picked up the Tropical (green cap) for around €3.60 in boots

Eye Pencil, lip gloss and Body butter decided I was gonna try a new look and invested in a black pencil and a red lipstick but to my disappointment the red lipstick had falling out of my basket :-( I didn't realise till I got home but lucky enough I had popped into Penny's (Primark) on the way home and seen a red lip gloss that I thought would work just to put a bit of shine on my lips. I tried it and was brilliant for a red lip so was glad I ended up for getting the lipstick! The pencil I got was 17 Eye liner in Onyx its not great to be honest wears off very easy and would need to be touched up on a night out. So everyone has probably seen that Penny's (Primark) are doing make up and beauty products now. So they were selling off some of there body butters and I picked up there Passion Fruit for a euro......i loved the Body shop body butter put think there are a bit over priced at 17 euro. So I was dropped in again yesterday and they are doing a duo pack in a smaller version. Picked up a strawberry and coconut and they are lovely. They were only a euro.......

Other things I bought was....

A black studded bag for €15 euros in Awear. It's lovely it's really soft leather feel with stud's over the front and the the strap is detachable. So can be used as a clutch as well. The best thing I love is that the inside is pink so easy to see inside in a pub or nightclub!

Snoods. (a combination of a hood and a scarf) so I love Gok wan and he has being wearing them for ages and I always wanted one!! They are suppose to be big for this season. River Island have a couple on there website. So my sister came home and said Penny's ( Primark) were doing them I rushed in the next day and picked some up. I got 3 colours a black, Blue and a grey. They have fringes on them so not sure if I will cut them off yet!!!

I bought a couple of things yesterday so I will talk about them after I try them out!



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