Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lily Allen latest Album review (It's Not Me, It's You)

So one of my friend's birthday came up and I was asked would I fancy a ticket to go to Lily Allen in Concert in December. The tickets where cheap enough I think just under 40 Euro. So I was yea count me in. Then I realised I knew about 2 songs from her new album. I seen her at oxegen this year and didn’t know many songs. So thought best get her album.

I have it on my I tunes and Ipod and its one of the 1st albums I go to when I want to listen to something a bit cheeky and upbeat.

My favourite songs are:
Everyone's At It and 22- a great songs to sing along too, thank god I have no one living beside me at the mo!
Back to the start- it brings back memories of Oxegen and I love the dance feel of it.
Fuck you- I have to say I don’t like the swearing but I like the music
It’s not fair- it has a country vibe and its really catchy and the lyrics are a bit naughty ;-)
Never Gonna Happen and He Wasn't There - just because they have a usually feel of them.

These are the Track listing:

Ÿ Everyone's At It
Ÿ Fear
Ÿ Not Fair
Ÿ 22
Ÿ I Could Say
Ÿ Back To The Start
Ÿ Never Gonna Happen
Ÿ Fuck You
Ÿ Who'd Have Known
Ÿ Chinese
Ÿ Him
Ÿ He Wasn't There

I wouldn’t have being a huge Lily Allen fan but this album has changed my mind. It’s a definitely a hit for me and I have recommended it to my friends I’m really looking forward to seeing her in concert. Only another 4 months… I would give it a 8.5 out of 10

Has any one else got her album. What did you think? Please feel free to leave a comment

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