Saturday, September 12, 2009

Twilight- I think I'm the last person on the band wagon

So I just watched Twilight......I know I'm the last person that has seen the film...I was just thinking how come I didn't see it. I remember hearing the buzz about it before it came out from what little I seen or heard from my friends. I would have went the cinema probably every week when I was in college but the big J came along after college.

Yes, a job and looking back now I realise why I didn't go to see it. I hadn't got the time. How sad is that. So sad. The job I had was a commute of under 2 hours there and back so when I came home in the evening/night. Well maybe it wasn't night it just felt like it because I never seen direct sunlight I was too tired and the weekends was a blur. Mostly spend sleeping, nearly falling asleep when going out for a drink and getting ready for the next week

My mind wandered off there. So Twilight I really liked it and worth the wait! Edward reminds me of Angel from Buffy! Some things that I noticed it's a problem I have. Attention to detail. usually in movies vampires cant be in sunlight, you cant see them in mirrors or get there photo's taken but it was the opposite in Twilight. Just thought it was odd :-)

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